Friday, December 3, 2010

Enable SSH on ESXi 4.1 | Yellow Bricks

Just installed the latest version of ESXi and needed SSH access. Its much easier to do then with older versions of ESX.

This if from the article on Yellow Bricks: Enable SSH on ESXi 4.1 | Yellow Bricks

There are two different kind of Tech Support Modes:
  1. Local Tech Support (Commandline access)
  2. Remote Tech Support (SSH)

Enabling either of the two is really simple:

  • Open the ESXi console
  • Login(F2) and go to “Troubleshooting Options
  • Now you will see options called “Tech Support”, hit “enter” on either Remote Tech Support (SSH) or Local Tech Support

You could of course also enable it through the vSphere Client:

  • Select the host and click the Configuration tab.
  • Click Security profile > Properties.
  • Click Local Tech Support or Remote Tech Support (SSH) and click Options.
  • Choose the desired startup policy and click Start, then click OK.
  • Verify that the daemon selected in step 3 shows as running in the Services Properties window.

(if you don't follow Yellow Bricks, it is one of the best VM blogs on the internet)

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