Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SSIS Excel Export Job Fails on SQL 64Bit

Recently I upgraded a SQL Server from SQL 2005 32-bit to SQL 2008 64-bit.  I have a handful of SSIS jobs that export and push data to different interfacing systems.

I successfully recreated all of the jobs and ran them manually and everything worked.  I setup scheduled jobs in the SQL Server Agent to run the tasks however one job that exports data to Excel would not run successfully.  I kept getting a Jet 4.0 error and the SSIS package would not write or manipulate the excel file it was supposed to export to.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Windows elevated programs can't access mapped network drives.

I recently installed an older program on a new Windows 8 system and found that when trying to open or save files to a mapped network drive the network drives didn't exist.  However when I open My Computer or Windows Explorer folders, the mapped network drives were there and functioned normally.  What gives?  It all has to do with how Windows provides (or rather limits) access to profile based resources when running with elevated privileged.