Friday, September 11, 2015

vCenter virtual machine console "Unable to connect to the MKS: Internal Error"

When trying to connect to a virtual machine console in vCenter and the error "Unable to connect to the MKS: Internal Error" is displayed.  A restart of the Management Agents will likely fix the problem.  This can be done from the console of the ESXi host or via ssh.  If you have easy access to the console skip to the Restart Management Agents

SSH Setup to Direct Console User Interface:

  1. Open Virtual Center – select the ESXi Host and "Configuration“ Tab
  2. Select "Security Profile“
  3. Double click SSH in the "Services Properties“ window
  4. Start the SSH service
  5. Using a terminal emulator like Putty, SSH to the ESXi host and login as 'root'
  6. Enter "export TERM=linux" to help provide a nice color screen
  7. Enter "dcui" to start the direct console user interface.

Restart Management Agents:

  1. press “F2” to log-in
  2. select “Troubleshooting Options”
  3. select “Restart Management Agents”

* Do not panic, if you see the hosted virtual machines as “orphaned” in your vCenter. It will take some minutes till they are connected back as normal.

* The restart of the Management Agents will not kill the virtual machines – they will continue to run.

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