Tuesday, February 9, 2016

GitHub https pull Credential helper

When trying to do a pull from Git and receiving the following.
git pull
remote: Invalid username or password.
fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://github.com/
Take a look at 

thanks for the post 

Cisco Prime Infrastructure NCS 1.3 can not start DB

I ran into a problem recently where our Cisco Prime Infrastructure Manager (v1.3) wouldn't load the web interface.  I could ping the system, I could SSH into the CLI, but no response from the Web Management Interface.

After a bit if diagnosis from the CLI, using the following commands:

ncs status (the result was similar to the following)
Health Monitor is running, with an error.
initHealthMonitor(): can not start DB
Reporting Server is Stopped
Ftp Server is Stopped
Database server is stopped
Tftp Server is Stopped
Matlab Server is Stopped
NMS Server is stopped.
SAM Daemon is not running ...
DA Daemon is not running ...
Syslog Daemon is not running ...

ncs stop
ncs cleanup

ncs start (the system still wouldn't start)
Starting Network Control System...
Unable to verify hardware.
This may take a few minutes...
Health Monitor is already running.
Failure during Network Control System startup.  Check launchout.log for details.

I figured I could have done a ncs DB reinitdb but why would I want to lose all of our data.

Thanks to 42wim's blog I found the solution.  It has to do with an Oracle DB issue.