Friday, October 20, 2017

Cisco WLC with Pico Station as a Bridge to wired client

I have a network attached sensor module that I needed to install in a location where I can't easily get a network cable run to.  So a quick easy attempt was to try a wireless link.  The setup is the sensor module attached to a Ubiquiti Pico Statoin, connected to a 2600 series wireless AP managed by a Cisco 2504.

I configured the Pico and it connected without problem to the wireless network.  I set the management interface of the Pico to pull from DHCP and it received an address without issue.  However the device connected behind it would not pull an address.  I then plugged the sensor module directly into the network to test, and it would pull an address just fine.  So I knew it had to be a configuration setting in the WLC.

In short, Configure Multicast and enable it on the controller.  Then under the Advanced tab of the SSID profile, don't require all client to have a DHCP address and enable Passive clients. 

Here are a couple of write ups to help with some more details.

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